Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Broken World. What will it look like?

OKay, so a few details about what Broken World, the post-apocalypse FiveCore game will look like.
Bullet points in no particular order of importance.

1: It will be an expansion rather than a stand-alone game. The basis will be second edition but other than the character classes, I can't see any reason it won't work for first edition players.

2: There'll be new character classes. At the time of writing, four is the intention (survivors, zealots, rangers and trackers).

3: The setting is fairly generic but focuses heavily on genetic modification and super weapons. The monsters are a result of bio-weapons programs and nano-bots gone wild.
The feel is more Stalker and Metro and less Fallout but people will take it in different directions.
(there'll be at least one shoutout to Fallout though)

4: Environmental hazards will be a big deal. The areas outside the small defended zones where players operate are dangerous.
Bad things can happen while you're in a gun battle.

5: The campaign rules will have some mechanics for pacifying areas of land, dealing with various factions and so forth. I don't know yet if they'll be pretty barebones and intended mainly for inspiration or they'll be a big system.

My gut feeling is to keep them about on par with similar systems already in use in FiveCore and Five Parsecs.

6: There'll be a few new weapons but the focus is not on gadgets.

7: It'll be very solo friendly, certainly on par with Five Parsecs.

8: Vehicles will not be a big factor though nothing stops you from using the vehicle rules in FiveCore if you feel otherwise.

9: Not sure what the page count will be yet. Certainly at least 50 but we'll see. It's hard to tell sometimes what systems will become huge and what things can be done in a few lines of text.
Fluff will only make up one or two pages of those.

10: The new mechanics will deal with stuff that is specific to the campaign world (environmental hazards, scavenging, loot etc.) and not introduce any "core mechanics".

11: Call it a hunch but I imagine there'll be a lot of random tables :-)

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