Thursday, 26 February 2015

A quick look at the enemies in Broken Earth

Working on the bad guys for the Broken Earth expansion.

There'll be options to create random warbots and monsters to slug it out with, as well as the various collections of renegades and crazies, like in Five Parsecs.

A few will receive extra information.

One of these is "the Crawlers". Crawlers are degenerated humans recessed to a feral state, but well adapted to survival in the toxic wastelands.
If you have caveman figures or even orc figures, here's a great opportunity to put them to use.

Crawler bands roam the wastelands, mostly looking for food. That's unfortunate news for any hapless player characters they come across.

Another is "The Pure". Fully armoured, genocidal storm troopers setting out to exterminate all "genetic anomalies". It's basically the Enclave from Fallout but a bit lower tech.
Not nice guys but if you want to get some use out of your brightly coloured space marines, they're a perfect shoe-in.

They also give an opportunity for having a regimented military force in a post-apocalyptic game and how that might change the feeling compared to the normal rabble you fight.

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