Friday, 30 January 2015

NWG birthday sale

Since I turn 35 next week, holding a massive sale. Pretty much everything is between 40-50% off.

Been looking to check something out? Now's your chance.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fivecore 2. How characters work now

A few people had some heartburn when I started talking about classes and levels for fivecore. Are you getting D&D in my miniatures game?

Not at all, but let me explain what it's going to look like:


1: The average figure on your table is still likely to be a "goon". That term was first introduced in Five Parsecs From Home and is basically FiveCore talk for a normal guy/girl/alien/droid with no special skills or abilities whatsoever.

Essentially, if the rules say a certain thing happens, then that's what happens for a goon.


2: Figures can have Benefits. You could say these are "stats" but they are basically just modifiers to either Movement, Sprinting (random moves) or Brawling rolls.

A lot of skills exist now that give something like +1 movement or +1 to brawling rolls.
Now I can just write "Move +1, Brawl +2" and be done with it.
Simpler and more consistent.


3: Characters have a "Level". This is just a measure of how many bonuses or skills a figure has.
So if you take a character from your current campaign and they have 3 skills now, they'd be level 3.

Putting a term to it means it's a little easier to figure out how to set up pick-up games for example. You can agree that each player gets 5 levels to distribute.

When a goon gets an "advance", they become level 1.
Levels don't indicate any other in-game elements though there'll be an option for higher level characters having a better chance surviving post-game injuries.

Like the benefits, all this is essentially how things already work, it's just putting it down on paper.


4: When a goon becomes a character, they select a class. Classes are collections of skills. This basically means that characters are likely to get skills related to their role and avoids situations like a heavy weapons guy getting a close combat skill.

As an example, the advancement roll for the Assault class looks like this:
Assault advancement table
1 +1 Brawl Benefit
2 General skill

3-6 Assault skill

And the Assault skill list looks like this

1 Assault
2 Aggressive
3 Close combat drill
4 Evasive movement
5 Brave
6 Iron Jaw

The core rules will have 7 infantry classes and 2 vehicle crew classes. Future setting and campaign supplements can easily add more.
I haven't done the general skill list yet but I imagine 10 or so. I'd rather pick out 10 great skills than 20 mediocre ones. We'll see though.

I hope that all looks pretty cool :-) 
A lot of this revision is standardizing things that everyone has been doing already, and making it far easier to make settings, scenarios and campaigns (which is what everyone is asking me for :) ).

The rules will also include the contributor guide from the Grab Bag, so people will have permission to create FiveCore scenarios themselves and sell them.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

FiveCore 2nd edition is in the works!

After much planning, discussion and deliberation, I am very excited (and quite nervous) to announce that FiveCore 2nd edition is in the works.

"That was quick" I am sure some are saying right now.
Yes, it is. Here's the deal:

When I originally put out FiveCore as it's own game, it was intended as an introductory set, providing the basics of gameplay and serving as a gateway for people who would then graduate to a full rules set (Five Men in Normandy or later Five Parsecs From Home).

I was wrong.

I underestimated the demand for a generic, modular skirmish game and it became clear that having a core foundation which settings could be added to was a better option, rather than reprinting the same mechanics in each game.

Recently, I posed the question to players and fans of how to proceed: Did people want the existing set updated and replaced, did they want a second edition or did they want an "update" supplement.
While not unanimous, the overwhelming response was that people wanted a second edition, clarified, cleaned up and incorporating some of the best bits from the various supplements.

So this is what I am working on currently.

The goals are:
*Clean up the rules. Separate out rules text and explanations/"fluff" so it's easier to find what you need.
*Clarify all the weird little things that people get confused by.
*Tweak a few rules here and there.
*Include more options to customize the game play.

*A greatly expanded weapon list.
*More tools for scenario writers.
*Vehicle rules and random events incorporated into the main rules.
*Much expanded scenario generation and robust campaign rules with far more options and detail.
*Expanded solo play.
*A new system for characters where skills will fit the tactical role of that particular character.
*A simpler and more consistent system for handling things like Movement and Brawling bonuses.

and probably a lot more that I forget.

Some of the questions I anticipate:

**Will this invalidate all the existing supplements?**

No, the bits I am taking from the supplements is mainly the parts that are most broadly applicable to any setting. The only supplement that will likely be replaced is the "Heavy Metal" vehicle rules though I may look at slightly simplifying them for the core game.

**Will we get the new game at a discount?**

Through Wargamevault, there isn't currently an easy way to automatically assign a discount for people who have purchased a particular item.
That being said, as a few players brought up, the original game was only 5 dollars (cheaper in the bundles) and the new game will be in the 5-10 dollar range, depending on final page count so I hope nobody will be too hard pressed.

There will be a cool freebie for the people who bought the original version but you'll have to stay tuned for that.

**Will the core game change?**

No, the core mechanics remain the same and I am not intending on dramatically increasing the complexity (in fact, clarifying the game should reduce complexity and confusion).
The extra parts will be options and things like campaign rules and character advancement so they won't clutter up the on-table experience.

**What happens to Five Men in Normandy and Five Parsecs From Home?**

They will both be compatible so nothing to worry about there. With time, I'd like to revise both of them as well, both visually and content-wise but everything in time.

**What will this mean for the future of FiveCore?**

With a consistent core game that can cover most everything, the future will be campaigns, scenarios and settings: Things that can now be made much more cleanly and without having to worry about which supplement this or that rules option appeared in.

In particular, I have been careful to avoid "dependencies" where a rule in one book requires ownership of another supplement.
With a more fleshed out core book, this will no longer be a concern.

**What will happen with Union in Despair?**

It is still in the works but it will be reworked to fit the new format. Playtest interest has been fairly modest so it will be a bit more of a vanity project.

**What does this mean for Company Commander and the upcoming Brigade Commander?**

First of all, yes, there will be a brigade level FiveCore game in the near'ish future.
Secondly, not a thing. Company Commander is a game I am really proud of and I don't intend any significant revisions in the foreseeable future.

**What will happen with the current PDF?**

It will remain on sale as it is still perfectly good and then be phased out when the second edition becomes available. A small price drop may take place.

Alternatively, I may tweak it a bit and use it as a freebie intro, since a few people have been interested in that.

**You've crushed my spirits. You have 3 words to win me over**

"Post Apocalyptic FiveCore"

Failing that "Deathmatch Arena Combat".

I hope you are as excited as I am and I assure you, it'll be worth it in the end.
If you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Company Commander update

The Company Commander rules have been updated with smoke grenade rules. Just go re-download the file and you are good to go.

The new rules are on the last page of the movement rules, so no need to reprint the entire thing.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015 NWG Grab Bag available!

With 2015 upon us, I have put out a Grab Bag of gaming love for you all. Within this 15 page PDF, you will find new options, rules suggestions and goodies for pretty much every game I've made. 

Items include (but are not limited to)

Group moves, body armour and more for FiveCore, Raiders and infiltrators and more for FiveCore Company Commander, individual skills and new options for No End in Sight, New weapons, a new alien race (Brutes) and scifi storm troopers for No Stars in Sight, 2 rules options and a new trait for Fast And Dirty and new options for assisting your friends in Usurper.

As the value will depend on how many of my games you collect or play, the package is Pay What You Want.