Sunday, 16 November 2014

No Stars in Sight. Soon. Kind of.

One of the most persistent requests I've gotten have been a scifi version of "No End in Sight".

I've been working on it pretty steadily and this week, it will be available as a paid beta.
Essentially you'll get the early version for a reduced price, along with all the updates until (and including) the final version.

So what will "No Stars in Sight" be like?

*Uses the straight-forward engine from No End in Sight. More realistic casualty rates, balancing how much you push your commanders, reaction fire built into the movement rules and dependent on how much you gamble.

An infantry driven game where every inch of open ground becomes an agonizing decision.

*Platoon level combat. A typical game can range from a few powered armour teams to a full platoon of infantry with several supporting vehicles.

*Hard scifi near future setting with a good selection of futuristic weapons and vehicles.

*Tons of scifi gadgets.

*Campaign rules and loads of options to set up the units you want.

Watch this space.

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