Thursday, 27 November 2014

No Stars in Sight. Q&A stuff

A bit of Q&A stuff now that No Stars in Sight is coming closer to existence.
These are questions I've either received or which I figure people will ask anyways.

Q: What is the size of battle?

A: The typical game is below company level. Good games tend to range from two small squads on each side up to a full mechanized platoon with a few supporting vehicles.

Q: How closely do the rules match No End in Sight?

A: Very closely. There are one or two little changes that will end up getting back-ported into No End, but the intention is that it will feel like the same game but with different technological assumptions.

Q: What is the type of scifi?

A: The default is fairly hard "military scifi". Military science fiction novels and movies tends to take present-day tactical assumptions and add new technology to them to provide solutions (or new problems).
This has the benefit of allowing anything from low-tech guerillas with conventional rifles to grav tanks and powered armour troopers loaded up with drone launchers

Q: What kind of gadgets will be in the rules?

A: In addition to the usual weapons like rail guns, energy weapons and missiles, there'll be various vehicle defensive systems (force screens, anti-rocket defences etc.), powered armour, exo-suits (Think the suits from "Edge of Tomorrow"), droids and genetically enhanced troopers, small deployable multi-purpose drones, hacking and jamming enemy units, AI-controlled tanks and probably a few other things I am forgetting.

Q: What about aliens?

A: Aliens are always difficult, because you have to balance out what types of miniatures are actually out there, the popular archetypes people want to play and people wanting to make their own.

The middle ground solution is that the rules will give details for 8 or 9 "archetypes" that can be tweaked to fit a variety of roles. Things like "alien bug swarm" and "honourable alien warrior".
In addition, there'll be a list of traits people can pick from, to put together their own alien races to match their miniatures collection.

Q: Will there be campaign rules?

A: There will, though probably just one set, rather than the multiple types from No End in Sight.

Q: What about miniatures?

A: No Stars in Sight isn't tied to a specific miniatures range. Figures need to be based individually and you need to be able to tell them apart, but other than that, anything works.

The ground scale is written with 10-15mm figures in mind.

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