Sunday, 30 November 2014

Quick update

Wrote the designer notes and hacking rules. Heroes and villains added as an option for space opera games.

Also wrote the human rules for space opera games (humans can adapt to alien technology, can interface with alien commanders and troops and are the only ones who can use the "heroic" option from the special rules).

Two alien battlefield rules done (crystal fields and hostile environments). Need to do unusual gravity, space stations and tunnel fighting.

Then it's the aliens and we're done. Holy ****.

Shotguns for No End in Sight

Want to discourage the enemy from getting too close?

Troops with shotguns receive only 1 fire power and are limited to 16" range.
In assaults, roll 3 dice for shotgun figures.

Under-barrel shotgun attachments provide +1 die to assaults.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

No Stars in Sight. Q&A stuff

A bit of Q&A stuff now that No Stars in Sight is coming closer to existence.
These are questions I've either received or which I figure people will ask anyways.

Q: What is the size of battle?

A: The typical game is below company level. Good games tend to range from two small squads on each side up to a full mechanized platoon with a few supporting vehicles.

Q: How closely do the rules match No End in Sight?

A: Very closely. There are one or two little changes that will end up getting back-ported into No End, but the intention is that it will feel like the same game but with different technological assumptions.

Q: What is the type of scifi?

A: The default is fairly hard "military scifi". Military science fiction novels and movies tends to take present-day tactical assumptions and add new technology to them to provide solutions (or new problems).
This has the benefit of allowing anything from low-tech guerillas with conventional rifles to grav tanks and powered armour troopers loaded up with drone launchers

Q: What kind of gadgets will be in the rules?

A: In addition to the usual weapons like rail guns, energy weapons and missiles, there'll be various vehicle defensive systems (force screens, anti-rocket defences etc.), powered armour, exo-suits (Think the suits from "Edge of Tomorrow"), droids and genetically enhanced troopers, small deployable multi-purpose drones, hacking and jamming enemy units, AI-controlled tanks and probably a few other things I am forgetting.

Q: What about aliens?

A: Aliens are always difficult, because you have to balance out what types of miniatures are actually out there, the popular archetypes people want to play and people wanting to make their own.

The middle ground solution is that the rules will give details for 8 or 9 "archetypes" that can be tweaked to fit a variety of roles. Things like "alien bug swarm" and "honourable alien warrior".
In addition, there'll be a list of traits people can pick from, to put together their own alien races to match their miniatures collection.

Q: Will there be campaign rules?

A: There will, though probably just one set, rather than the multiple types from No End in Sight.

Q: What about miniatures?

A: No Stars in Sight isn't tied to a specific miniatures range. Figures need to be based individually and you need to be able to tell them apart, but other than that, anything works.

The ground scale is written with 10-15mm figures in mind.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Price reduction for rest of November

All main games will be 9.99 until the end of November. What better way to spend black friday than at home, wargaming?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

No Stars out there

Playtest results from No Stars In Sight are quite promising. Powered armour troopers can lay down a lot of fire power and if deployed well, can outfight a much larger force of conventional troops, however, they are also quite vulnerable to anti-tank weapons.

This puts them in an interesting position where they can be extremely resilient or extremely tough, depending on the situation and helps integrate them better.

Players who like their power armour troopers may find it of interest that each trooper essentially acts as a mini-vehicle on his/her own.
They'll be able to advance under fire much easier as well, since they are not subject to the normal infantry reaction fire.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

No Stars in Sight. Soon. Kind of.

One of the most persistent requests I've gotten have been a scifi version of "No End in Sight".

I've been working on it pretty steadily and this week, it will be available as a paid beta.
Essentially you'll get the early version for a reduced price, along with all the updates until (and including) the final version.

So what will "No Stars in Sight" be like?

*Uses the straight-forward engine from No End in Sight. More realistic casualty rates, balancing how much you push your commanders, reaction fire built into the movement rules and dependent on how much you gamble.

An infantry driven game where every inch of open ground becomes an agonizing decision.

*Platoon level combat. A typical game can range from a few powered armour teams to a full platoon of infantry with several supporting vehicles.

*Hard scifi near future setting with a good selection of futuristic weapons and vehicles.

*Tons of scifi gadgets.

*Campaign rules and loads of options to set up the units you want.

Watch this space.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Most requested things

The top three requests I get are:

Scifi "No End in Sight" (In the works, still open to playtesters)

Medieval and Fantasy FiveCore

Black powder FiveCore.

Can't promise specifics because when I do, it never works out that way but I am aware of your wishes and would love to make them all come true :-)

A lot of what happens right now for FiveCore is tool building. Expanding the tool box so to speak, so that as time goes on, it gets easier and easier to put new things together. Having more skills for example was one step in that direction.

If you have strong feelings, especially on medieval and black powder, my biggest concern is: Would you be happy with the current Brawling mechanic for medieval close combat or would you want a "1's and 6's" melee mechanic instead?

Comment below or email me.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Skill Companion almost done

While other projects are finishing up, I am putting together the Skill Companion for FiveCore. It'll be a collection of new skills, 100 in total, including tweaked versions of the ones in the main FiveCore book as well as a ton of new ones.

So far, 80 are done.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Another Metal Rogue play example

A few more examples of play from the Metal Rogue roleplaying game. Coming soon(?) to a PDF near you.
Pay what you want version here

(And writing these is a good distraction from being stuck in bed and sick while working on Union in Despair)

I've basically set up a number of typical fantasy RPG situations, I'll roll on the action&event table and then narrate the outcome.

If the character in question had traits that were applicable, they could roll twice, picking the better result.

1: Picking a lock to get access into the castle.

84 - Action succeeds as expected

The thief picks the lock quietly and quickly, slipping inside the door before the next guard patrol comes by.

2: Sneaking past the sleeping monster

95 - Action succeeds, character makes unexpected discovery

As the heroes sneak past the beast, one of them notices that the chains around its neck are crude and unrefined, possibly of orcish origin.

3: Bluffing your way out of getting arrested by the city guard.

52 - Action succeeds with a consequence

The guard isn't quite buying the story but decides to let you go after all. However, they insist on confiscating your sword to avoid trouble.

4: Finding the recipe for the mystical potion in the crazy wizard's library.

31 - Failure to make progress. If no time limit, can try again

Lots of books to look through. If there's no time pressure, the character wastes a few days researching Basilisk reproductive patterns before rolling again.
If a time pressure did apply (For example, the potion is a cure for a fatal disease), time's up, the victim croaked.

5: Smooth talk the queen so she'll agree to support the rebellion.

64 - Action succeeds with a consequence

The queen is sympathetic to the rebellion against the corrupt nobles but wants you to carry out a quest for her before she'll grant her support.

6: Find your way through the Forest of Improbable Doom

14 - Action fails and character suffers a consequence

Not only do you get lost but you've lost a piece of equipment fumbling around the woods. The GM will roll a random encounter and if you survive, you can try again.

7: Push a large boulder out of the way

97 - Action succeeds perfectly

The barbarian shoves the boulder with barely an effort. It rolls out of the way quick enough to surprise anyone on the other side.

8: Leap across the chasm

79 - Action succeeds as expected.

The character lands on the other side safely.

9: Win the drinking contest.

39 - Unexpected event interrupts

As the participants are bounding down ale, a fight breaks out between two strange looking figures in the corner.

10: Mix together the chemicals to create the magical potion

2 - Character suffers a permanent flaw

Should have seen the difference between the blue and the purple liquid. When the fire dies out, the character is stunned to find that the magical energies have caused them to be unable to say the word "light".