Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Product highlight: The Rifleman's Guide


I get a few questions about what the various supplements contain, so I thought I'd go through them a little to help clarify whether you might enjoy them or not.
It'll also clarify if the product is suitable for other game lines.

The Rifleman's Guide was the first supplement for Five Men in Normandy, providing expansion material that was felt not to fit in the main game rules.

Inside you will find:

Expanded rules for injuries. 
Aggravated injuries gives you a bit more detail and will tend to make injured soldiers be out of action longer while Specific Injuries adds a table to roll on when figures go out of action to see if they might be hanging on or not).

Both of these systems are applicable to FiveCore gamers as well, though for Five Parsecs, you'll need to translate "days" into "campaign turns". Usually a standard of 3-4 days per turn is good.

They would likely be hard to adapt to a non-NWG system.

Tables to determine the impacts of weather. Select from Rain, Snow, Cloudy, Bright and Burning then roll for any effects.
This is applicable to FiveCore gamers as well.

Non-NWG systems could use this but you'd need to tweak the results.

Secondary skills:
A D100 table that provides for some non-combat skills. This is primarily a roleplaying aid but creative players can no doubt find a way to fit a characters cooking skill into the campaign.
No rules are provided.

Applicable to pretty much any game system you can think of.

Personality traits:
A D100 table with character traits, such as "Assertive" and "Sarcastic". Roll to add flavour to your characters, leaders and people you encounter. No direct game effects, all background flavour.

Applicable to any game.

Random mission generator:
Lets you generator missions randomly with terrain, objectives, opposition and support, deployment and when you can leave the encounter.

Aimed at Five Men in Normandy, it could be used with FiveCore players but there will be some references that may need some modification.

It could be adapted to other systems with some conversion work.

Incapable soldiers:
Rules for using wounded soldiers in combat, such as during a raid on a hospital or similar. This is intended for scenario designers and can be used in any FiveCore game.

Very rules-specific, so non-NWG gamers will not get much use out of it.

Suspect Hostile:
A simple "Hidden enemy troops" option for setting up an unknown enemy that will be revealed as you play. Similar in concept but different in execution to other games on the market.

Intended for Five Men in Normandy but could be adapted to FiveCore without too much fuss. For other games, you'll need some conversion work, likely more than it'd be worth.

An option to allow a squad leader type of figure to motivate the men to get extra moves or shots. Very applicable to FiveCore games of any kind.

Not helpful to non-NWG gamers.

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