Friday, 10 October 2014

[Normandy] Conventional warfare - Scouts

It's been a while since we've talked about things specific to Five Men in Normandy and I figured just like I occasionally give a Travellers Guide to some unit or critter in Five Parsecs, I'd do something similar for WW2, called "Conventional Warfare". This will basically showcase different unit types and how to field them in WW2 games.

This should all be viewed as very optional and with the intent of getting you thinking.
This is a slightly different approach than the typical " a soldier is a soldier" view of things, but I thought it'd make for a fun exercise in what you can do with the system.

We'll start off with scouts, one of the best suited troop types to a FiveCore game. A few men sneaking about, trying to get the lay of the land and maybe bushwhack an unsuspecting enemy. Good stuff and well suited to skirmishing.

We distinguish here between a few infantry men sent to conduct a patrol and troops tasked with reconnaissance as their primary job and skill set.

Scout infantry
A player force designated as scouts can be rolled up as normal but will not carry machine guns. Any such roll is treated as 2 men with rifles instead.
If the mission is a raid, up to two men may replace their armaments with pistols instead.

The unit will never exceed 5 men. If dice rolls would indicate more men, generate an additional skill and assign it to any man of choice. Only one bonus skill is generated.

Scout troops are used to moving and redeploying quickly and efficiently. On any normal turn, one scout soldier may be moved 3" in any direction though subject to reaction fire as normal. This bonus move is not subject to any skills that modify movement rates.

National differences
Soviet scouts may trade one rifle for a sub machine gun.

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