Sunday, 19 October 2014

New supplement plus thinking out loud.

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Tons of options for your characters and scenarios in FiveCore games.
Balancing on ledges, pick pocketing and taming wild animals, we got you covered.

This one is specifically for the more scenario/creative/RPG oriented of you people out there.

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FiveCore stuff is always a struggle between two opposing views: Smaller games with more character or larger games with more troops.

I've been having various thoughts about larger game options for you people. It might look something like this:

Instead of having 2 or 3 activations, you get 2 or 3 initiatives per turn. An initiative activates a guy and up to 3 comrades within 3" of him.

Move the guy with the initiative normally, then move the other guys selected with him, ending up within 3" of his final destination.

When firing, the guy you picked receives aimed fire. This will be a sort of combination of the current Shock and Kill dice. Roll 1 die with 1's pinning and 6's incapacitating.

The other guys receive area fire. 6's pin, no other results possible.

Essentially what happens is that a guy shows personal initiative and others tag along, following his lead. It helps avoid the silly situation where an entire platoon is all firing at full effect, like what happens in a lot of games and keeps the basic mechanics that make the game unique.


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