Tuesday, 21 October 2014

And now for something completely different

A long time ago, I worked on a fantasy role playing game titled "Metal Rogue". It's a table driven story-focused game that relies very heavily on random events to generate surprises for the group (and GM).

Think of it as a game that mixes elements of FATE and Rolemaster (as disparate as those sound). As a bonus to being wicked fun, it also has random generators for everything from deities to cities to worlds.

Inbetween other projects, I've been slowing working on getting it done and out there and I hope it'll happen fairly soon while waiting for playtest results to start drifting back for No Stars in Sight.

Maybe a month or so?

Not sure if the wargaming and roleplaying crowd overlap but if you'd like to see an RPG take on some of the design weirdness I put in my wargames... well, you might just get a chance :)

Page count will be around a hundred pages, all meat. Minimal art other than a cover (if any, we're going pretty guerilla for this one).
If you happen to be able to draw better than stick figures (or you know, really good stick figures), let me know if you feel inclined to donating.

I'm thinking it'll be 15 bucks or so for the guerilla version. If it does well, I will spice it up to a "deluxe" version with more art later.

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