Saturday, 25 October 2014

An example of game play from my upcoming RPG

Hope this makes sense without having the combat table in front of you.

Example of combat:

Our battle will be between 4 heroes and a troll, with 4 henchmen standing in their way.
I'll only list traits below that are relevant to combat.

The henchmen have no traits whatsoever, while the troll has 3 Monster Traits (Tough skin, Regenerates, Angry)
The heroes consist of Theodor the Thief (Agile), 
Felicia the Fighter (Swordsman, Tough), Borin the Barbarian (Rage, Warrior, Aggressive) and Hilda the Hand maiden (no traits).

The heroes run into the troll and its henchmen in a large cave, where they've tracked the beast. As they spread out, the henchmen rush forward, swords drawn, with one henchman engaging each hero.

First Exchange:
Theodor rolls 98 (Spectacular defeat of opponent). He easily side steps the onrushing goon, slashing his throat with his dagger, and then darts to position near the troll, without a single drop of blood on his clothes.
Felicia rolls 22 (push back, fatigue). She decides to save his traits for the troll. The henchman attacks with a flurry of blows, pushing her back to the cave entrance, before she regains his footing. The fatigue roll is uninspired, causing one conviction to be burned until she can rest. She just isn't feeling it today.

Borin gets a 20 but burns his Warrior trait. Re roll is a 37 (interrupted). As Borin rushes towards the enemy, just as swords are about to clash, their eyes both fall on a small, shiny trinket in the rubble, with an unnatural gleam to it. They both stop in their tracks, staring at it, then each other.

Hilda fares worse, rolling an 11 (push back and injury - injury roll is Knocked Senseless). Trying to evade the attacking brute, she smashes into the cave wall, and staggers back, dazed.

2nd Exchange:

Theodor now finds himself one on one with a troll. Not what he had bargained for!  Who dares wins though, and he gets a 92 (defeat, advantage). He darts forward, slamming the blade into the trolls thick hide as he moves behind it.
The troll burns one monster trait, and the thief notes down that he has advantage (acting a temporary trait).
Felicia gets a 25 (inconclusive, fatigue - must rest 30 minutes). She struggles with the henchmen, the two characters locked in a brawl. Several blows to the head is draining her energy, but she manages to shake it off (burning the Tough trait to avoid the fatigue result)

Borin lays into the henchman, determined to get the trinket for himself. With a 52, he wins but in the process he suffers an impaired leg, as a sword blow catches him at an awkward moment. He growls in anger, as he grabs the trinket off the ground (burning his Anger trait to suppress it for the battle)

Hilda continues her streak of terrible luck with a 12, suffering another injury, Steady bleeding. She has now been backed into the corner of the cave, and is quite desperate.

3rd Exchange:

Theodor gets a 43, causing the troll to be driven off. Clearly the rapid thief has disconcerted it, and it decides to try and retreat further into the caves, leaving the henchmen to fend for themselves.Felicia manages a 54, dispatching her opponent by a neat wrestling move but suffers a Painful Blow in the process.

Borin runs to help Hilda but again suffers an unexpected event. The 
GM narrates that as the troll is retreating, he throws a lever on the wall, causing parts of the cave to start collapsing. This buries the henchman Hilda is fighting, but causes her to be separated from the group.

With this event, Hilda's roll is ignored (and she finally got a good roll too, curses!).


As the fight draws to an end, the party decides to regroup, rather than rush after the troll. Sitting down for a second, lets Felicia get over her injury though she still needs to rest up. They decide to back out of the cave to rest for a bit, and hope the troll doesn't entrench itself too much.

Borin takes the time to investigate the item he found, and toy with it. The 
GM rolls up a random magical item, and decides that the barbarian can discern its powers by experimentation. It turns out to be a ring that inspires berserk rage.

GM rules that this acts like a temporary "Berserker" trait, which Borin is quite excited about. The ring must recharge after use, and so can be used once per day. 

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