Monday, 8 September 2014

September for NWG

September should see the release of "No End in Sight". Platoon level rules for late 20th century and modern day warfare.

Hope you lot are excited. The playtesters have been almost universally happy with the rules and I think I've managed to hit on some interesting mechanics. A lot of moment to moment decision making and of course all the campaign goodness you've come to expect.

I also have a bunch of ideas for a supplement for Five Parsecs. I'd like to flesh out the RPG aspects a bit more, maybe introduce a few new critters and some such. It'll be a little bit of a grab bag of stuff to spice things up.

The next project to be pushed will be "9th Platoon". This takes the FiveCore mechanics and adapts them to a "1 stand is 1 squad" level of gaming.
Its about half done but still needs more testing to make sure it actually works nice and is fun.
I think there's a market for platoon level gaming with very few components and on a small play field and I think this will do the trick nicely. A typical army is about 4 infantry stands, maybe 1 or 2 vehicles. Hardly rough on the wallet and great for people dipping their feet into WW2.

Stay tuned! (and I haven't forgotten about all the rest of you, especially those who want to see a medieval or fantasy game :) )

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