Sunday, 28 September 2014

Random bits for this week

Demoed a few "Five Men in Normandy" games yesterday at Guardian Games here in Portland.

It looks like there'll be a recurring "historical gaming day" once a month or so, so if anyone is in the area, maybe I'll see you. 11th of October is hopefully going to be the next one.

* * * * *

For No End in Sight, try this optional rule: When treating a casualty, roll a D6. A 6 means the guy is recovered to fighting condition. On any other roll, he is simply stabilized.

High quality body armour: 
This will be covered in the scifi rules more properly, but if you want to reflect more high-quality armour than the standard "body armour" in the rules, simply make a small tweak: On a casualty roll of 1, the guy taking the hit is pinned instead of wounded. A 6 is still dead and any other score is wounded as normal.

This might be appropriate for American body armour vs AK47's and whatnot. I'll leave it up to the player to figure out if it shouldn't apply against certain weapon types.

* * * * *
I'll have another instalment of the Traveller's Guide to the Fringe. Any requests for what kind of character you'd like to see?
Let me know in the comments

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