Tuesday, 23 September 2014

[Parsecs] Travellers guide to the Fringe. The Merak.

Where they came from is unknown but from time to time, an invasion fleet of the death droids known as the Merak will emerge on the edges of human space.

While conventional invasions can be broken up by Unity fleets, experiments with time manipulation and teleportation have resulted in assault groups appearing virtually everywhere in Unity space.

While the Merak show fundamental abilities to communicate, they rarely have any inclination to do so. They seem driven mainly by an impulse to slay and eradicate all life they encounter.
They will occasionally utilize organic lifeforms to further long term plans, often employing various control mechanisms or genetically engineered slave species.

Modelling Merak:
Any slightly old-fashioned robot miniature that is not too humanoid will do. Merak rarely exhibit any sign of individualism and should be painted in a coherent, uniform fashion though the leader of an assault group may receive an alternate colour scheme.

Merak utilize terror extensively and see no values in camouflage.

Merak in the game:
Merak move at the speed of normal infantry. They can cross low obstacles and rough ground by hovering. A stationary Merak can levitate itself one floor up or down if it begins within 1" of the edge of a building or similar.

They will never withdraw from a visually observed enemy though they may remain in place. Due to extensive scanning software, stealth is worthless against them and they are not subject to limits on visibility from weather or darkness.

When firing, Merak receive 2 Kill dice and may allocate results to any targets in sight. No Shock dice are rolled. They have no concept of suppressive fire and will only fire if they have a clear lock on a target.
They do not guard fire but will snap fire out to 8".
Targets may be in any directions.

A Knock down result scored against a Merak will stun it. It will spend its next activation recovering but is otherwise unaffected.
An Out of Action result forces it to begin it's self repair procedure. This has the same effect as a Knock Down would have in the regular rules.
Roll each activation with a 1 causing it to remind repairing and a 6 causing it to finally die.

Any Shock dice results will push them back 1". A Marek pushed into an obstacle or another model is stunned as above.

They will not initiate brawls but are treated as a normal human figure if attacked in this way. This represents a main weakness and the primary way of taking them out, if one can get close enough.

Merak in the scenario:
Merak can show up in a variety of ways. A lone droid, jettisoned from a destroyed invasion ship may show up on any world, continuing its plans of world domination and annihilation of organic life.

Organized Merak incursions will fall into one of two types:
Infiltration groups consist of one Merak and 4-6 human or alien servants. These are generally under chemical or similar mind control and will never exhibit any skills or talents beyond purely passive, racial abilities.

They may be attempting a wide variety of covert missions.

Assault groups always number 4 Merak and are deployed purely for annihilation. They will attack any organic lifeforms without hesitation.

Merak in the campaign:
Merak will not cooperate with organic lifeforms unless they dominate the situation and it serves their genocidal purposes.
As such, they don't make suitable player characters though someone could no doubt put together a campaign of them infiltrating a world.

Merak are extremely dangerous. Use them in your campaigns and scenarios to spice things up but bear in mind that they can cause massive damage, especially if multiple are present.

Any similarities to a certain popular type of time-travelling aliens in robot suits, with a penchant to exterminate are a figment of your imagination.

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