Monday, 18 August 2014

Some sales numbers

Figured I would share some sales numbers with you lot.
This is all PDF and all through a single site (wargamevault). No other sites and no hard copies.

Five Men in Normandy since it's release on June 15th has moved 91 copies so far. I figure the first big mile stone will be 100 copies which it'll probably hit next month (end of this month if I am really lucky).

FiveCore has moved 84 copies and been out for a bit less time. Very nice and no doubt the lower price point attracts people.

Five Parsecs From Home has moved 29 copies since its release on the 12th. That's very strong but scifi skirmish is also a very popular genre and it does something a bit different from its competition (strong, character drive campaigns).

Obviously numbers do also drop off over time. These games are all relatively new (which helps sales, though as a game goes on, increased exposure and word of mouth no doubt help too. I imagine in a month or two, sales will drop off fairly sharply)

I didn't crunch the numbers for supplements that closely but at a glance they sell about two thirds of the copies the main game sells. People do like the bundles. I'd hazard a guess that well over half the supplement sales comes from bundles.

In the same time frame, Fast and Dirty has seen 44 downloads with an average donation of about 50 cents.

Does this mean that "Pay what you want" isn't worthwhile? Not necesarily. FAD has been out for a very long time and most people who want a copy already has one from the website. Likewise, it's always been a free game, so people may be less inclined to pay for it.

If I do another "mini game" of 10 pages or less, I may try to do it as a "Pay what you want" model and see what happens.

Besides, once I hit 100 sales of something, it only seems fair that we should do something special.

Is this valuable to anyone else? It depends. Everyones experience is different. If you're more famous than me, then your numbers will be much better no doubt while someone just breaking in will find it tougher.

Anyone want to share their experiences both for a recent release and for something that's been out for a long time?

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