Saturday, 30 August 2014

[Parsecs] Travellers guide to the Fringe: Genetic renegades

Genetic Renegades are one example of how the world of the future isn't quite our world with space travel. As advances in genetic understanding and medical technology proceeded, the ability to manipulate and retrofit a persons genetic make up became common place.

While Unity policy is to encourage such modifications only for purposes that benefit Unity in some manner or for approved medical corrections (pending proper authorization of paper work of course), once technology reaches the streets, the streets finds a use for it.

The rich, the eccentric and the degenerate all find uses alike for gene-mods, whether to get permanent hair colour changes, strange appendages, turn into cat people or many stranger things.

Unity law dictates that without proper authorization (average wait time for the form is 3D6 years) modifications exceeding 12% of a person's G.S.M.R. (Genetic Stability Marker Rating) are unlawful. However, once a person is too far removed from looking like a human, they can usually pass for an alien and remain in good standing with the law.

Modelling genetic renegades:
The renegades are a good way to have some fun with your miniatures. Unusual and bright skin colours, glowing red eyes, alien or animal like limbs and features, knock yourself out.

Most renegades are essentially exhibitionists and will go for the flashy and spectacular. Use bold, bright colours when painting and make sure they stand out.
A group of renegades should be quite the sight to look at.

Genetic Renegades in the game:
No special rules apply though it is recommended to apply an Alien trait or two to their leader to increase the disturbing factor.

Genetic Renegades in the scenario:
When a group of renegades are encountered, they are usually forming some sort of gang, mercenary outfit or outcasts from society at large.

Some renegades form cults focused on transcending the human condition.

Renegades also make for a great flavour piece in any scenario featuring regular human opposition or characters. The occasional character with purple skin or a cat tail helps remind every one that we're not on Earth.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks instalment.

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