Monday, 25 August 2014

Big power armour or tiny mecha

Mobile Assault Armour

MAA suits are technological advanced suits of powered armour, mounting external weapons systems and enabling an individual soldier to wield high powered weaponry.

The pilot:

Each MAA suit is piloted by a crew member that can be generated like any other character.

Pilots will maintain two sets of skills, the first are personal skills applicable to the pilot operating outside their suit, the second are pilot skills and apply when operating the suit.

Skills are selected from the same list. When a pilot receives a skill, the player may select whether to take a pilot or personal skill. The choice must be made before rolling for the skill.

Getting in and out:

While most missions will be undertaken wearing the suit, there may be instances where a pilot needs to disembark to conduct missions on foot or embark during a surprise attack. This takes a full activation where no other actions are possible.
This cannot be done during a Fire fight or Scurry turn.

To embark, the pilot must be within 1” of the suit. When disembarking, place the pilot up to 3” from the suit, permitting them to take some basic cover.

Suit movement:

Despite good mobility, a heavy armoured suit can only be propelled so far. Suits move at the same pace as regular infantry though they can push through rough ground without penalty.

The leg modules of the suit can project significant power, permitting them to leap up to 6” instead of normal movement. The leap can take the suit over gaps and unsafe ground or over infantry figures.
Leaps must be taken in a straight line and replace regular movement.

Jump jets:

Suits fitted with jump jets may activate them instead of regular movement. This permits the suit to leap up to 12” forward, clearing obstacles up to its own height. Jumping unto a single story building reduces the forward jump to 6”.
Jumping unto a two story building requires being in contact.

Jets also permit the suit to descend safely from heights. Jets can be activated twice per mission before burning out.

Over run:

Suits cannot be engaged in hand to hand fighting in any effective manner. A suit that moves in a straight line and contacts an opposing infantry figure will knock them 2” out of the way. Roll a Kill die for the infantry figure.

Firing from suits:

MAA suits can mount heavy weapons with ease. Typical armaments include auto cannon, machine guns and even light anti tank weapon. Suits may fire one weapon system while moving and may still guard fire with a machine gun.
All fire is conducted as if the weapon was fully crewed and stationary.

Firing at suits:

MAA suits are resistant to small arms fire but tend to be vulnerable to anti tank devices. Firing at a suit follows the vehicle rules in the Heavy Metal supplement.

Suit brawling:

Two suits ending up in contact with each other may trade blows. Roll a Threat die for each suit. The attacking suit rolls first and resolves the die before the defender gets to roll.
Suits are not locked in combat and may move off when activated.

Autonomous Control systems:

Advanced suits feature rudimentary AI routines, allowing them to fight even if the pilot is injured. If a suit features an AC system, it may be activated with no crew but may only move OR fire on such activations.

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