Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Want more supplements, more games and some free stuff?

I try to put up at least one "game'able" post every week, whether it's an optional rule, a new rules idea or similar. Over time, I'd like to expand that into more significant material: Missions, more characters, new event tables, force tables, maybe even full blown mini-campaigns.

The sky is really the limit for this stuff, especially with the release of a Generic version here however, I need to focus on things that I think are commercially viable.

Every time I do something for free, that is time I am not spending on something I could sell.
Balancing those things are always tricky. I think it's important that a game has a steady flow of ideas for people to game with.

So I am going to try something a bit new. I don't know if it'll pay off but it could be an interesting new way of doing gaming.

Essentially, I am opening up the option for you lot, the gamers out there, to sponsor me in creating gaming material.

I've set up a Patreon page where you can pledge to support me each month. The amount is up to you, but I've set up some "reward" tiers.
What pledging will do is help "buy" me time to do more substantial free stuff. Whether that amounts to two or three articles, missions or similar things per month on the blog, a "pay what you want" supplement or even an entire free game will depend on the amount of sponsorship that comes in.

Funding will allow me to pursue this as my primary job and ultimately grow this game line into a series of some pretty cool and pretty unique stuff.

Thank you for your consideration.

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