Monday, 7 July 2014

Another way of handling grenades

The current method of handling grenades works pretty well, but they can be rather "all or nothing". Either everyone in the blast is flattened or it bounces away.

While this is certainly cinematic ("Hollywood realism" as I like to call it), some players may find it a bit frustrating.

If that's you, here's an alternate way of resolving grenades:

Roll 1D6:

1: Grenade is on the target.
2-5: Grenade scatters the dice roll in inches.
6: Grenade is on target if the target point is visible to thrower and in the open. Otherwise (when throwing over walls or into cover), grenade scatters 6"

Once the target point is located, roll 1 Kill and 1 Shock die for anyone in the area of effect.

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