Sunday, 22 June 2014

New supplement and Heroic Conscripts.

A new supplement is available for Five Men in Normandy, available here
This contains a number of optional rules like enhanced injury rules, weather conditions and a really awesome random mission generator.

2.99 so go grab it.

Today is the anniversary of the German invasion of the Soviet Union. So I figured I'd give you guys a freebie today as well: A new special character for your games.

Heroic conscript

In the face of the advancing German armies, the Red Army mobilized everything it could, desperate to hold the advance before Moscow could be captured.
Many of the men who went into the line were inexperienced with limited training but many fought desperately to fight off the invasion.

Whenever a figure in the Conscript's group goes out of action, the Conscript may take a free turn immediately, moving and firing as a normal activation.

If the Conscript goes out of action, the following turn, a rifleman with no skills may be appointed as a Heroic Conscript.

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