Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A thought experiment

Not saying I'd write this, but if someone out there gives this a shot, let me know how it goes.

For..er... no particular reason :)

Fantasy Ball game not unlike football or a certain famous board game.

6-10 players per side (same amount obviously)

Kick off:
Place ball in opposing half of field. Scatter 2D6".

Action die:
1: Every player may move 4" in any direction, ignoring enemy zones of influence.
2-5: Activate 2 (3?) players normally.
6: Every player may roll 1 Block die against an enemy in range.

Normal activation:
May move, block or tackle.

Move up to 4" in any direction.
Players moving in a straight line may move 6" (run)

Players moving within 1" of opponent may Tackle them (1 Tackle die)
Players beginning activation within 1" of opponent may Block them (1 Block die)

Player may slide after a run. Continue run move for another 1D6" in straight line. Player is Prone.
Roll a Tackle die against any enemy contacted. If Tackle succeeds, may continue moving and hit additional enemies.

Zone of influence:
Players have zone of influence 1" from them. Enemy players leaving zone of influence have a Tackle die rolled against them.

Tackle dice:
1: Prone
2-5: No effect
6: Down

Block dice:
1: Down.
2-5: No effect
6: Out.

Prone players have no zone of influence and cannot move next turn.

Players that are Down must roll the Block die when they are next active, and suffer the result. On a No Effect, they can act normally this turn.
They have no zone of influence while Down.

Players that are out are removed from the pitch until the next kick off.

Any result on the Tackle or Block dice causes the ball to be dropped.

Instead of blocking, a player may push. Move an adjacent enemy 2" away.

Picking up the ball:
Any player can pick up the ball by moving into contact.

Handing off the ball:
The ball can be handed off once per turn, if it's not being hurled. The players must be within 1" of each other. Simply move the ball from one player to another.

Hurling the ball:
The ball can be hurled up to 12". Only one hurl per turn and not if it's being handed off.
The ball cannot be hurled on a 1 or 6 on the Action die, only on regular turns.

Hurl dice:
1: Fumbled. Scatter 1D6" from hurler.
2-5: On target.
6: Inaccurate. Scatter 1D6" from receiver.

The receiver may move 1" immediately upon receiving the ball but cannot take any other actions this turn.

If the ball passes through any enemy zones of influence, it may be intercepted. Only one interception by hurl is permitted.

Interception dice:
1: Ball knocked 1D6" in a random direction.
2-5: Interception failed
6: Interceptor catches it

Touch downs:
If a standing player is in the end zone with the ball, a touch down is scored.

For now, use whatever pitch dimensions you feel makes the most sense.
Since this was thrown together in like 10 minutes, any gaping holes are to be filled with your best imagination.

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