Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A couple questions that have come up:

A few questions from the last week or so, that I figured I'd answer for everyone's benefit:

Will there be other games using this mechanic?

The answer is yes, certainly. At the very very least, I am working on a (hopefully really awesome) scifi warband game in the style of Firefly/Traveller.

Long term, I'd love to do a series using similar mechanics and all fairly compatible with each other, similar to the Two Hour Wargames guys. We'll see what people have interest in.

What about custom dice?

I am very keen on the idea of making some custom dice for 5MiN but I am a lot less keen on getting involved in packing and shipping physical product to people. Seems a lot of things can go wrong that way.

I'll explore some options. What kind of dice would people want to see in such a set?
A good four dice set would be "Action, Kill, Shock, Event". Anything else?

Fan submissions?

I'll write up a clearer policy but if you have fan stuff, by all means write it up and put it out there. I'd love to see it of course.
Do be aware that ideas you come up can end up in future supplements or games in some form. It's impossible to read someone's ideas and not have them influence you in some way.

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