Thursday, 14 February 2019

You guys want that Squad Hammer open license?

The deal was if Squad Hammer Core generated 500 dollars of sales, I'd make a version available under an open license.

You are 66 dollars away. Anyone want to finish it out?

I am NOT sure what all will be contained in the open version.
Obviously no artwork or examples but otherwise, I'll include as much as possible.

Stay tuned.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Can you make money from writing games?

Occasionally when I talk to people, they express surprise that I write games as my primary job or that you can make money from writing gaming material.

Now, nobody would doubt that the likes of Games Workshop or Wizards of the Coast are making money, but in the indie trenches?
Surely it's all enthusiast works for beer money?

No, not in the slightest.

You can make legitimate money.
Not great money. Probably can't pay all of your living expenses through it.
But rent? Certainly.

I've had a few people mention that they'd like to hear me talk about that, so I figure I'll make a few blog posts doing just that over the next few days.

Here's a few caveats up front:

* I am going to be talking about writing war games and miniatures games.
I only dabble in the RPG field a tiny bit.

Now, I think a lot of this is very applicable to the RPG field as well, but just keep in the back of your mind that some parts might differ.

RPG stuff makes bigger money, but it's also a far more crowded field.

* I am going to be talking from the experience of doing everything yourself indie-style.
If you are looking to get published through a company, I can't help you directly but I'm sure some of the advice will still be relevant.

* Nobody says you have to make gaming your job and many people would prefer not to do so.
I still love gaming, but many people prefer having a separation between what they do for fun and what they do for money.
Think about what you want to do and stick to that.

* Even if you don't want to make money, there's a lot of pride in actually finishing a project and putting it out there.
Even if it's just once and it only ever sells 10 copies.

* I like to think I'm good at what I do, but maybe I also got lucky.
So it's not a recipe. It's just my take on it.

I am not sure how many posts there'll be. I have 12ish topics on my notepad, though a couple of them might be too short to put up individually.

If you want to send me any questions you have, I'll try to work those in as well.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

The Weasel is still on the prowl

Alright folks, so we're settled into our new apartment which so far looks very promising.

Well, okay, "settled in" in the sense that everything is packed into boxes, I can't find anything I need and we can barely move around but you know, it's progress!

I have gotten my computer set back up in a nice corner office space, so work will resume shortly. There's a lot to show you guys and I know you're all eager for new stuff, especially the Hammer of Democracy folks.

Keep checking into the sales bundles we have going and don't forget to pick up your copy of Squad Hammer Core.

I'll post an update this coming week with where we are regarding the original stretch goals for that (license and future support PWYW).

Friday, 1 February 2019

An update and a TON of bundle deals

Cheers gamers and friends.

As you may know from our last blog post, we were thrust into a situation where we are forced to move apartments on very short notice, presenting us with considerable unexpected expenses. 

A lot of people have stepped up and been incredibly generous which has allowed us to secure a new apartment and cover the expenses involved with that, but as our current landlord has refused all attempts to work out some sort of deal, we’re still forced to pay the rest of our existing lease and penalties accounting for around 4500 dollars. 

To help gather up funds, we’re putting together a mega-sale.

I’ve put together discounts for almost everything Nordic Weasel has made, along with a ton of bundle deals.
If you have been wondering about anything we’ve made or want to throw in some support, please take a look. 
These bundles are all 40% off. 

If you wish to support us more directly, you can also still contribute directly through paypal at 

Once we’re all settled in, I will try to do something cool for you guys in return for all the help and support. 

I thank you in advance for all your support. You’ve made my dreams possible.
The amount of support and love we've received already has absolutely stunned us. 

The bundles are:

The Fivecore bundle, offering all of the main Fivecore gaming material, letting you play everything from skirmish actions to brigade level mass warfare.

The In Sight bundle, offering the three “In Sight” platoon level battle systems for hardcore military action today, tomorrow or in the ruins of mankinds future.

The Five Parsecs bundle, giving you all the content for our highly regarded Five Parsecs solo gaming system. 

The Five Leagues bundle, offering you all the content and adventure packs for our gritty, solo fantasy campaign game.

The Solo Gamer bundle, for those of you who don’t want to choose. All the Five Parsecs AND Five Leagues material.
Want to blast space bugs and then go fishing in a medieval village?

The Hammer bundle, containing Squad Hammer and its derivatives. Quick and easy gaming that can be picked up in minutes but lacks none of the tactical challenge you want.

The One-Off bundle, combining 7 of our highly original titles with everything from 6mm scifi warfare to solo RPG rules to black powder mass combat.

The Adventuring Scum bundle, combining all the resources for the pseudo-RPG mini’s games Dungeon Scum and Starport Scum

The Renegade Scout bundle, with everything released for the best Rogue Trader style experience on the market. 

And finally the Nordic Weasel Core bundle. If you want a cross section of the core gameplay of the Nordic Weasel experience, this is it. 8 titles that I guarantee will blow your mind.

Friday, 25 January 2019

A plea for help

I hate to do this but please read. I desperately need help.

Cheers friends.

As you may know if you follow my feed, the past week has been extremely stressful and chaotic.
Along with not knowing the future of my wife’s employment, we were informed by our landlord that a problem existed in our apartment and given 7 days to correct it or have eviction proceedings initiated.

We took every possible step to remedy the situation throughout the week, but every time we spoke to the management company to update them, they have changed their story and continued to provide vague and open-ended directions.

On the 25th, we were informed that despite steam cleaning the entire apartment, they intend to proceed with eviction proceedings.
It’s become clear that they were never intending for us to be able to satisfy their demands and are pushing to have us removed, likely to be able to increase rents for a new renter instead.

We have found a new apartment and extended an offer to simply move out before the court date and both parties can go their own ways.
Unfortunately we don’t know yet if they will accept the offer.

While we do have legal representation, this unfortunately has put us in a rough position financially:
We need month and a half rent for the new apartment, deposits, possible cost of movers, all the various fees that goes along with a new living situation and we still don’t know what the financial fallout of the current situation is.

This goes on top of having to tear up the kids life with a new school and everything.

We have some limited items that we can sell but this is going to be very difficult for us to manage, so I am turning to the internet to see if anyone is able to help us out.

I know many of you are in rough spots yourselves, and I know everyone is short these days but if anyone can spare anything to help us, we would dearly appreciate it.
Even a few bucks will help.

My PayPal address is

If you want to purchase some gaming PDF’s, we’re also available at 

I will be putting up some discounts this weekend as well to help scare up some funds.
If you want to help out in the most efficient way, PayPal is probably better (as Wargame Vault takes their cut), but I won’t be able to provide you with gaming PDF’s in return for direct donations.

If you can spread the word a bit, that'd help tremendously too.

If we can rustle up a few hundred, I will try to put together some sort of “thank you” RPG or Wargame products for you all once we’re securely in the new place.

I thank you all for your time and consideration. 

I don’t remember a time in our lives when I’ve ever felt more concerned and worried about our future.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Squad Hammer and licensing

So one of the offers I made was that if we hit 500 dollars of sales for the Pay What You Want edition of Squad Hammer, I'll make an open gaming license available.

We're about a third of the way there.
Statistically, it looks like a little bit over a third of people paid and a bit under two thirds got it for free.

I had absolutely zero expectations on what that ratio would look like, but that looks about fair to me.
I have no idea if anyone went back to pay after downloading it for free or if people even know you can do that.

So what would an open license look like?

It would cover most or all of what is in the Core booklet, making it available for use to build your own spin-off games with, with a few basic requirements (no Nazi Porno games or whatever).
The idea would be that if you want to publish a scenario or your own little game, you could use any of that frame-work and a "Powered by Squad Hammer" note on the front cover, to help both of us get more eyes (and sales).

I have big plans for Squad Hammer as a system and enabling third party work would be a huge step forward for the system and creating an eco-system of sorts.

There's three more steps to the plan for Hammer-based world domination, but I'll talk about those when we are ready.

In the meantime, if you are excited about this:

* Leave a rating or review on Wargame Vault. Don't fluff it up, be honest and genuine.

* Talk to your friends. Recommend Squad Hammer on forums.

* If you got it for free and love it, please consider going back and throwing in a few bucks.

* If you have suggestions for rules, ideas, things that could be clarified etc., get in touch.