Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A couple tiny Renegade Scout updates

While tinkering with a better magic system, vehicle rules and a bunch of other things, I made a couple of small additions to the system.
Go download your updated file.

First, the simplest thing: Razor grenades. This is just a "high-tech" frag grenade. Same Power but a -1 Save Mod.
Keeps things simple but gives an option for more high-tech forces.

Second, two new skills: Dodge allowing any hit to be avoided on a roll of a 6 and Loner, which prevents the character from joining a squad.

These combine in the new character added: The Chem-Head: Drugged out mercs (inspired somewhat by Rifts Juicers) they have both the above skill, combined with high movement and good close combat capabilities.
They can only be included as independent characters: The sort of thing you include as hired help for a tax collector or mad scientist.