Thursday, 25 January 2018

Gang Warfare and Bundle deals

After much delay, Gang Warfare is updated to 1.02 status.

Most of the changes are the same sort of thing you saw in Five Parsecs From Home 1.02.

Improved character creation tables, a few bug fixes, compatibility with Salvage Crew and a whole host more.

If you view the old post about the From Home 1.02 update here , you should be pretty well aware.
A fan remarked that it was a big enough improvement to count as a second edition, but it's totally free for you lot.

There is also a change log in the back of the file.

This means that all three Five Parsecs lines are now at the same "level".

Let me know if I goofed something up or if you notice any weird compatibility issues

If you run into strange situations transferring between campaigns, keep me posted and we'll sort out solutions.

* * * * *

We also have a bundle deal available now, after a fan suggestion.

The Five Parsecs Rogues and Scoundrels bundle gives you all three games at 3 dollars off, so if you haven't jumped in yet, this is a perfect time to do so.
You can grab it here

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