Friday, 4 August 2017

Starport Scum and Unity clarifications

Starport Scum

Unless players agree otherwise or a GM permits, a character that is climbing a terrain feature cannot end their move half-way up (or down).

If you have insufficient movement to make the climb, then it cannot be performed that turn.

Being able to end a move half-way up a wall means all sorts of shenanigans about what happens if that character is hit by fire, can they attack by brawling etc.

For ease of play, it's simpler to just disallow it.

If playing a scenario that involves significant climbing, for example, an infiltration team scaling a tower, you'll have to adjudicate these things.

As a quick rule, a climbing character can only fire a pistol or other side arm and any weapons hit will require a D6 roll of a 3+ to avoid falling down.

Unity Field Agent
Fringe-Spacer Psychos are limited to 2 per army.

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