Monday, 10 July 2017

Not Just a Brush War deal of the day

If you swing over by Wargame Vault, you can pick up our Not Just a Brush War supplement on the cheap.
Completely system agnostic, this lets you generate a developing nation, complete with its problems and flaws, then take it through a narrative campaign system that you can use to inspire your tabletop gaming.
This can be mixed with pretty much any rules system for 20th century gaming, from No End in Sight to Command Decision.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Unity Field Agent player use permissions

A variation of this will be added to all new NWG core rulebooks and (if time permits) to older ones as well.

If you purchased these rules from the War-game Vault, you are fully authorized to do the following:

* Print out copies for personal use, including through commercial print services.

* Print up to 8 pages as handouts at conventions or club games.

* Publish scenarios, characters, house rules and similar for a blog, forum, website or magazine.

  • Set up and run convention scenarios. If you do, reach out to me and I can provide some discount codes to give away.

  • You may publish scenarios or campaigns commercially through any channel desired, provided a copy (digital or otherwise) are provided to the author of Unity Field Agent.
Scenarios and campaigns may reproduce up to approximately one page of relevant information, troop profiles or similar from the official rules.

* You may offer troop profiles for any miniature figure you retail, provided it is clear that the profile is not officially sanctioned by Nordic Weasel Games.

You are not authorized to otherwise distribute these rules. 

You may not charge for any hand-outs you issue for games. 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Unity Field Agent plan changes. Plus Battle Mission talk

The plan has changed a bit, though it'll be to your benefit.

The goal is that Unity Field Agent will ship with 3 army lists, rather than 1 (Agents, Fringe Spacers and one alien race, most likely the K'Erin).

This should help the "out of the box" playability.

The Encounter Mode will also be beefed up a little to feature 6 possible objectives and 20 battle conditions that can apply to a battle.

For Battle Missions, another will see release this week, if all goes well.
I am curious as to what thoughts people have so far.

I keep having heart-burn that they are too simple and that people want more "grit" in their scenarios.
But that could just be me mis-reading people's intentions.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Battle Mission 3 - The Patrol

Welcome to Battle Missions 3.

This will be a short series of easy-to-set-up missions that can be used to faciliate a pick-up war game.

The missions are aimed at being generic and include army building suggestions for fantasy/medieval, black powder and 20th century/scifi games.

This allows them to be used with nearly all war game rules systems out there.

Included are also example forces for a world war 2 Eastern Front scenario, letting you simply set up and play.

Brief notes will be included allowing the scenarios to be used in a campaign as well.

* * * * *

Mission 3 begins as two patrols encounter each other, escalating into a fully fledged confrontation, as both sides try to wear out their enemies, while waiting for their reinforcements to arrive.

The battle includes a simple victory point system and army builder, allowing you to use any system, even if it lacks a points system.

Players who are following the Battle Mission series can link them as a campaign, with each mission granting a small advantage in the following mission.

The mission is inspired and adapted from an old 40K mission.

A plea for a friend

Well, an online friend but in any event.
+William Dowie 's wife, who have illustrated several OSR/retro-D&D style books is battling with an extremely aggressive cancer, which at this point has reached stage 4 lung cancer.

You can read a bit about it here:

They have set up a gofundme to help medical expenses and do what they can with what they got.
I know this is outside the typical war-gamers sphere, but please consider if you can spare a few bucks.
The thought of going through all that makes me feel numb and dead inside. I can't even imagine.