Monday, 1 May 2017

An Orc Too Far beta/demo available

The Beta/Demo version of An Orc Too Far, the fantasy version of Scum of the Earth is available now.

Usually our beta tests are very stripped down and in very early development, but in this case, the game has been in the works about as long as Scum of the Earth has, so we opted to go for a slightly different route.

As such, you'll find that this beta/demo is a bit more fully featured. In fact, it features enough to be a complete game, including scenario set up and victory conditions, artillery, heroes and monsters.

What it lacks is campaign rules, army information for the various critters, rules for using your battalions over multiple games. 

If you are interested in fantasy mass gaming without having to break the bank and if you are interested in getting some dusty miniatures off the gaming shelf, here you go.

Interested parties can check the rules out for 2 bucks, provide any feedback they want and then decide if they wish to eventually invest in the full version or not.

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