Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A few quick notes on Unity Field Agent

A few quick Q&A's for the beta test and some general notes:

Q: How does "Double-Wait" work?

A: If a character has this ability and Waits twice, it just means they could reaction fire twice.
Any given action can only be the subject of one Wait reaction though.

So if an enemy moves across their sight, they could shoot.
If that enemy then shoots, they could take their second shot.

Q: How does "Double-Recover" work?

A: Since Shocked figures are forced to recover anyways, the only use for this currently is to try and get rid of Damage status.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of Shock and Damage markers a character can have?

A: In the Beta no.
In the full rules, accumulating 3 Shock or 3 Damage causes removal from play.
You can play with that option if you like.

Q: Will there be racial special rules?

A: A few, yes. The intention is to keep it very limited though.
As much as possible will be handled through the Double-Action and Bonus-Action abilities.

Q: Is there an intended figure scale?

A: As usual, I tend to play with 15mm figures using 25mm measurements, but go with whatever you like.