Friday, 11 November 2016

FiveCore Pulp Adventure pre-release questions

Is this a stand-alone game?
Yes, Pulp Adventure uses a completely stand-alone version of the FiveCore engine, with some tweaks and changes for simpler play (in some cases) and more dramatic play (in others).

What content is included?
Campaign rules as always and a new take on random enemies.
There's also a bit of a monetary system: You'll be able to sell your ill-gotten treasures and buy upgrades for your crew.

Vehicle rules aren't included at the moment, since I rarely see people using vehicles in their Pulp games.

If there's a big demand, I'll add them in, but you can use the 3rd edition vehicle rules no fuss.

What style of Pulp gaming is this?
The focus is on "treasure hunt" style of games, ala Indiana Jones (of course), Uncharted and Tomb Raider.

That means your encounters are searching for fine treasures and the bad guys are trying to off you or get your goods.

There'll be a future option with supernatural options for more "dark pulp" and mystical games.

What is the page count?
It'll sit around 50 pages.

While FiveCore is very simple, I think some people see the 100+ page count and think it's a big, complex game, so I wanted to make this more welcoming.

No interior art. Cover art by Luigi Castellani as usual these days.