Monday, 8 August 2016

Storyteller's Guide to Starport Scum

The Storyteller's Guide to Starport Scum is the first big expansion for the game, offering a host of new toys to play with.

Starport Scum rests on the middle ground between a wargame and a roleplaying game. 
This first supplement expands the latter part, adding new story-telling and story-generating mechanics to the game engine. 

Included are the following rules:
*The Information System, allowing players to ask questions and get (occasionally unpredictable) responses about the game world.

*Connections, allowing missions to be tied to past events.

*Revelations, a simple mechanic to add an unexpected plot twist.

*Social combat, if you want your arguments and verbal confrontations to be more dramatic.

*Fate dice, for more heroic games.

*The Story die, allowing players to make small alterations to an established scene.

*Compels, incentivizing players to have traits with mixed benefits or even flaws.

*Danger and Doom, a new table to handle getting into trouble. Great for traps.

*Factions, a character-driven system allowing corporations, cults and power mongers to mix it up with each other.