Friday, 3 June 2016

A bit of an endorsement. Fistful of Lead

The kind guy behind Fistful of Lead sent me a copy to check out, so I figured I'd give a few thoughts on the game.

Its a wild west game, though I must admit, I did a test using old Laserburn figures. Space cowboys I suppose.

The scope is small'ish. You could probably have quite a few figures but around 4-6 per player seems good.
Each figure can have unique skills and will have their own card in the deck, so too many can get a bit confusing.
Normally, I'm a bit hit and miss on card draws but for a wild west game, I dig. Gotta have that poker feel.

Interestingly, some of the cards are "bonus" cards that allow you to do things like recover from pinning or wounds, without testing.
Gives a bit of unpredictability.

The combat mechanics are straight forward. Roll to hit and roll to see what happens. You can run out of ammo and combat lethality is somewhat in the middle range of the scale.
There's a decent chance of characters suffering status effects like being pinned down or wounded, which allows a chance of recovery or loss of the character.
Strong touch of Necromunda there.

You get a nice selection of character traits to build unique individuals with and the rules can cover a decent range of "wild west movie" scenarios.

It;s definitely a more cinematic game, rather than a staunch realistic simulation.

There's also a scenario pack with several ready-to-play scenarios but I must admit, I haven't tried any of those yet.

If you're interested in wild west play, I'd recommend checking this out. Its an easy game to teach and it seems like it'd hold up very well in the long term.

You can check them out at the book of faces here