Thursday, 25 February 2016

Something silly. The internet debate game

Alright, here are some quick rules for internet debates as a war game.

* * *


You can play this in any scale. Pick one figure for each. Paint them kind of shabbily.

* * *


Set your figures up 6 inches apart on a plain, featureless table.

* * *

The one with the loudest voice is the attacker.

The defender begins by saying literally anything. If in doubt, roll 1D6 on the topic table below.

1 Food

2 Casual TV entertainment

3 Music

4 A sports team or athlete

5 A political candidate

6 General philosophy of life.

Roll again to determine the delivery.

1 Plain and matter of fact.

2 Indecipherable text-speak.

3 Smug superiority.

4 Snide insinuation that you're the only one who "gets it".

5 Obvious joke or exaggeration

6 Question looking for information.

If the roll is 6, a second roll of 5+ will establish that the question is actually asked to promote an agenda.

Roll 5+ for the defender to be an obvious troll.

* * *

The attacker now takes their turn. Roll below for the attack form.

1 Declare that their opinion is garbage. Do not present evidence.

2 Insult the competence, dedication or maturity of the defender.

3 Insinuate they are a paid shill for some big industry or political agency.

4 Ignore what they actually said and start a ramble on an unrelated pet issue. This makes you the new defender.

5 Pedantry attack! Mis-spellings, getting a year wrong, phrasing something incorrectly is all fair game. Ignore the context.

6 The nuclear option. Call them Hitler.

If option 6 is used, a D6 roll of 6 will cause an unrelated person to enter the argument, becoming the new Defender with the statement "Actually, Hitler wasn't that bad". (on Reddit, this changes to a 4+ roll, on 4chan, it changes to 1+ on 3D6)

* * *

Each round, players now alternate being attackers.

For every round, roll 3D6, with each 5+ allowing an additional person to enter the debate.

When a person enters, they will attack a random poster in the debate.

* * *

Once 3 rounds have passed, each attacker has a 5+ roll to be effective.

The defender rolls on their reaction table below.

1 Leave the debate.

2 Leave the debate. Declare that you have "real work to do".

3 Leave the debate. Declare that you won.

4 Drop an extra long post about how you are a navy seal and is going to kill their entire family.

5 Say that you are leaving the site (and the internet). Don't.

6 Threaten to get the attacker banned.

* * *

Enjoy the game. There are no winners.