Monday, 23 February 2015

FiveCore in the dungeon? Musings

One of the more requested FiveCore mods is a fantasy or medieval mod. I don't have anything concrete in the pipeline (though there will be a fantasy game in 2015) but while I was fighting with some writers block today, here's a few magic items if any of you want to improvise some dungeon crawling games:
(These assume the standard FiveCore melee rules, which may not be the case in an actual mod).

Boots of leaping
At the conclusion of a straight move with no turns, the character may leap 1D6" directly forward, crossing any man-sized obstacle (including enemies).

A leap that lands on another character will knock them backwards 1D3" and end the leaping characters turn.

Hammer of shattering
+1 to Brawling versus plate armour or enemies with rigid armour (heavy scales, stone etc.)
On a draw, the enemy has their shield (if using one) or weapon (if not using one) destroyed.
Magical items receive a saving throw of 4+ and if failed, will release enough energy to knock back both combatants 1D3" and cause 1 Kill die to be rolled against both.

Elixir of fury
A character can drink a potion when activated without limiting their actions.
The character is +1 to Brawling rolls during this and the following enemy turns and may ignore Shock dice until they are Knocked Down or win a Brawl.

Shield of deflection
5+ saving throw against missile fire from the characters front.
5+ saving throw against spells.

Crown of command
When activated, the character may also activate a friendly figure within 6" and line of sight.