Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Hammer of Democracy is crowdfunding now!

Since the last crowdfunding campaign was a pretty good success, we're going to try our hands at it again, this time with "Hammer of Democracy" - A full WW2 conversion of the Squad Hammer/Trench Hammer/Winter Hammer/October Hammer miniatures rules.

The goal is a big, beefy book covering pretty much everything you could want from weather rules to army generators to mission creation, all powered by the super-fast, negotiation-driven Squad Hammer engine.

Whether you are a hardened WW2 gamer eager for something new and less bogged down in detail, a new player curious about getting into WW2 action or even a complete newbie to miniatures game, we'll have you covered.

Why do we need a big chunk of money? Because this is going to be a big chunk of gaming book.
The goal is to do one of those big complete books, where you don't have to wait around for supplements and pay extra money just to play the army you'd like.
We're going to go all out instead.

If you are curious about the system, you can read this mechanics demo by the co-author of Trench Hammer

And if you want to go throw down some money for something that'll make you happy, you can do so right here:


Sunday, 9 September 2018

Renegade Scout. Pinned has been pinned down.

Thanks to an alert reader, we caught a rather embarrassing bug: The rules for being Pinned appeared differently in a few locations.

The correct rule is as described in the Morale chapter of the rules: Pinned troops can fire at a -2 penalty.

I have added that to the combat rules hit modifiers and removed the reference saying Pinned troops cannot fire.

If you want to redownload your files, the updated version is on the Vault.

Monday, 27 August 2018

NWG back to school sale

It's back to school for the kids.

That means my kid needs new shoes and backpack and it means all the gaming dads (and moms, don't forget) will suddenly have a bunch of spare time on their hands.

To solve both problems, Nordic Weasel is doing a massive "5 dollars off" sale until the 30th

Grab any of the following titles for up to 5 bucks off, if you use the codes below:

Starport Scum


From Shako to Coalscuttle


Five Parsecs From Home (for 3 bucks? Are you insane?)


Five Men at Kursk


Five Leagues from the Borderlands




Many of these games have expansions available too, so don't forget to look for those. With the discount, you can often get the game and an expansion pack for what the game would cost normally.

No matter what gaming style you are into, you can grab something cool.

And I'll do you all one better:

It even includes our brand-new Renegade Scout rules


If you were a buyer of the Stage 1 Renegade Scout rules, you can also get this discount next month, you just have to email me. And I have a future goodie planned for you guys.

Finally, just to top it all off, you can get Clash on the Fringe as a Pay-What-You-Want title.

That's right, pay literally anything you want.


Grab it as a freebie to reward yourself. Throw me a few bucks. Pay the original 15 dollar price. Use it to donate any amount you want to my kids back-to school budget.

This is one of the biggest sales we've done, so go check it out and grab stuff.

Cheers and thanks


Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Renegade Scout - Small updates

No rules changes but a number of typos, odd wording etc. has been fixed up in the PDF version.

Go ahead and re-download your file so you have the most up to date one.

If you printed the rules, there's probably no reason to print everything again.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Renegade Scout -The army builder

Alright, so a quick look at how you use the Army Builder in the rules.

Assuming of course that you want to use it :-)

*We're going to start with some basic infantry grunts.
The default size is 6 figures so we'll go with that, and we're going to take 3 squads of infantry.

18 figures is a good game size, it'll be cheap on the pocket and quick enough to paint, making it a perfect starter army.

Since many 15mm figures are sold in packs of 8, you only need three packs and will have a few figures left over for command personnel.

We're going to use the Unity Grunts profile.

*We decide to use Laser weapons as our baseline technology.
So each grunt gets a laser rifle and the squad leaders also get a laser pistol.
I could trade the rifles for blades but none of my squad leaders have a sword.

*Since I have 3 squads, I get 3 support weapons automatically.
This is the minimum level of firepower I can take.

I give all of them auto lasers, so I have some sustained fire weapons on hand.

*Since I have 3 squads, I get one roll for Specialist Equipment.

A 47 gives me Jammers, which I give to one of the grunts in squad 1.

*Combat Value at this point is 21 (1 per figure +1 per support weapon)

*I can now make some purchases for my force.
Since this is a beginner army, I decide to go easy on strange grenades and specialist skills, so we're going to take a Fusion Rifle for each squad and call it good.
Each additional support weapon is +1 Combat Value, so that brings us to 24 CV.

*We get a Level 8 Personality automatically, since someone has to be in charge.
That lets me increase 8 of the profile values.

I decide to take a second Personality as well, since I have a few figures left over.
They will Level 4 (as all secondary characters are).

I designate the Level 8 trooper as my Force Commander.
I'd love to take a Platoon Leader but I need at least 5 Personalities to do that, and that's a lot of guys.
We'll save that for a bigger army.

*We get two rolls on the Personal Equipment or Personal Enhancement tables.
We'll take one of each.
The equipment is a Stim Pack, which I give to my commander in the hopes of keeping him alive.
The enhancement is Gene-Modding, letting the user run and charge at triple speed.

The second personality will get that. Might let me use him as a bit of a "trouble-shooter" to bail out squads as needed.

*Combat Value for Personalities is 1 per figure, 1 per 4 Levels and 1 for a Force Commander so 6 more CV.

I give the secondary character a Ripper Fist as well for another point.

We are now at 31 CV.

From here, I could add a vehicle or a Wyrd Caster but let's keep it simple.

At 20 figures, this is an army you could paint in a (long) afternoon and would set you back about 15 bucks in 15mm.
Not bad at all and you have some freedom to play with.

Let me know how you get on!

Friday, 17 August 2018

Renegade Scout - Firing clarifications

A few notes and clarifications on fire combat:

* You are picking from the two closest VISIBLE targets. A closer unit that is not visible at all does not count.

Indirect fire units fire at the two closest targets in general, when firing indirectly.
If a mortar crew wishes to fire small arms, they'd select targets as per the normal rule above.

*In some cases,the members of a squad may be in positions where they cannot see the same targets at all.
An example might be soldiers deployed at the windows of a building which is surrounded.
In this case, it's usually best to agree to let each individual figure select their own targets. Otherwise you may get some exceedingly silly situations.

*There is no bypass rule for firing at or from vehicles at the moment.
If the two closest targets to your anti-tank unit is infantry, then you can't fire past them to hit the tank coming up behind them.

This is intentional to encourage using infantry screens, combined arms style, though if it produces too silly results feel free to adjust the rule, especially for tank-heavy battles.
We'll revisit this point later, as people have time to wrestle with it.

*Typically, you want to roll your shots together, but if you have a complex situation (firers at different ranges, targets in different degrees of cover etc.), resolve them one at a time.
This typically makes it easier to figure out.

You can resolve the shots in whatever order you like, but if the group dislikes excessively fiddly "micro-tactics", just go from closest to most distant shooter.

*When selecting targets in a Squad, you usually fire at the closest enemy, but you may select a more distance squaddie if they are easier to hit.

Essentially, fire at the closest figure or the closest figure that is easier to hit than them.

Example 1: 
The closest squaddie is behind a rock (-2 to hit), the rest of the squad is in the open (no penalty).
I can shoot at the guy behind the rock or the closest of the remainder. 

Example 2:
The closest squaddie is behind a rock (-2), the second closest is behind a bush (-1), the rest are in the open (-0).
I can fire at the guy behind the rock (since he's closest) or the guy in the bushes (since it's the closest figure that's easier to hit).
I CANNOT fire at the more distant guys in the open since they are not "the closest figure that is easier to hit".

*Regardless of how you resolve shots, each figure should be resolved "correctly" with the modifiers applicable to their situation.
Don't abstract a mixture of short / long range shots into one, don't try to average out the enemy cover situation etc.

Well, you can, it's your game now, but I suggest not doing so :-)

Monday, 13 August 2018

And a quick update

The troop profile for Mercenaries got screwed up a bit in Renegade Scout.

I've fixed the file so just download again or print that page again.

While it could be cunning social commentary, Merc's are Movement 4, Intellect 7 and not Movement 1, Intellect 6 as the book suggests.