Thursday, 1 November 2018

Hammer of Democracy FAQ

With Phase 1 aaaaaalmoooooooost here, I thought I'd take a moment to answer some general questions and clarify a few things.

What is Phase 1?

Just like I did with Renegade Scout, there will be at least one public "early" version of the rules.

This Phase 1 version will contain the core mechanics and players who buy it will get a discount on the final rules.
If you supported the indiegogo campaign, Phase 1 is free. Huzzah.

Does Hammer of Democracy have any influence on the upcoming Squad Hammer update?

Yes. While the two are distinct systems, Hammer will serve as a test-bed for a lot of new ideas, tools and systems.
While Squad Hammer is a more free-wheeling (and of course fantastical/futuristic) game, ideas like the new support mechanic are likely to make it in.

Will Phase 1 include campaign rules and solo play?

Not likely.

What does the title mean?

We were just brainstorming to find a title that fit the period and sounded cool, while keeping the "Hammer" theme going.
Panzer Hammer was entertained for a bit, but there's a billion games with German-themed titles, so I thought it'd be more interesting if we did the opposite.

Will all sides be playable?

I'd like to cover as much as possible.
We will certainly include all the stuff needed to play, at the very least, the "big four" (UK, US, German, Soviet) but I'd like to include a lot more.

The campaign rules will be generic at first. I have ideas for a big solo campaign sort of supplement, aimed at the Brits, called "Defiant Battalions" but we'll see.

Miniatures depicted will be a variety of forces. The cover will feature Allied troops.

Is it true you have an anti-German bias?

Yes, that's why my favorite band in the world is Blind Guardian.

How many figures should I have painted up to test?

A reinforced platoon or so will be fine to test the rules.
Figure 3-4 infantry squads, a support weapon or two, a vehicle or two.

The full rules will scale up and down a bunch, but let's get the basics sorted out first.

Is there a pre-defined basing system?

I decided that to position the game as more of an "out of the box" experience, we'd have a standard method of basing.
That is 6 figures to an infantry squad, based however you like.

So 6 individual 25mm figures or two bases with 3x 15mm figures each are both "legal".

Of course, you can actually base them any way you like to.

Is there an ideal scale?

Not really. 6 figures in 6mm looks a bit wee, so if you use the suggested basing, I think 15mm and up will look best.
I tend to write for smaller scales, so I wanted to do something that would look good in 25+ scale, but there's really no reason you couldn't play in 6mm or 10mm at all.

Playing in "one to one" scale by using the correct number of figures per squad in 6mm would look fantastic.

Will there be a music list?

Yeah, of course. What would a NWG title be without a music list?

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Five Parsecs update

Just a tiny one, but the wording of the turn sequence should be clearer now.

Characters not assigned a die ALWAYS get to act, they just act in the SLOW phase.

This was always the intention, but the wording wasn't the best. It should be much clearer now!

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Renegade Scout Sourcebook 1

Whether you want optional rules for character-driven games, Veteran skills, more Command Decisions or 2 new alien species, Sourcebook 1 has a ton of content for your Renegade Scout games, centered around character models.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Update to the update

Since I am bad at naming things, it's been brought to my attention that the Five Parsecs update can get a bit confusing, since your enemies will have both a Leader and a Boss.

The idea is that it's basically a "Warband leader + lieutenant" situation, but the names don't really work for that.

The rules will stay as they are, but I'll rename things a bit next time around.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Five Parsecs update available

Five Parsecs From Home sees a small update today to 1.04.

Think of this as a "bridge" update, leading us to the promised land of...well, you'll see, but substantial improvements anyways.

New features are:

*A new "Personal items" table. You get a single roll on this table when creating your warband and it gives you an item that, typically, cannot be obtained any other way.

A nice way to give some an heirloom, custom item or stolen prototype gadget.

*The Character Events and Campaign Events tables have been improved.
I know a lot of you miss the more verbose original tables, so this is a first step towards that.

The new tables have a bit more text to explain what is happening. I've also tweaked a few of the results and some of them should be more exciting now.

I'll improve the character-creation tables too but that will take more time.

* When rolling up enemies, one of them will be a "Boss" with slightly improved stats.

Go ahead and download your new files when you get a chance.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Hammer of Democracy is crowdfunding now!

Since the last crowdfunding campaign was a pretty good success, we're going to try our hands at it again, this time with "Hammer of Democracy" - A full WW2 conversion of the Squad Hammer/Trench Hammer/Winter Hammer/October Hammer miniatures rules.

The goal is a big, beefy book covering pretty much everything you could want from weather rules to army generators to mission creation, all powered by the super-fast, negotiation-driven Squad Hammer engine.

Whether you are a hardened WW2 gamer eager for something new and less bogged down in detail, a new player curious about getting into WW2 action or even a complete newbie to miniatures game, we'll have you covered.

Why do we need a big chunk of money? Because this is going to be a big chunk of gaming book.
The goal is to do one of those big complete books, where you don't have to wait around for supplements and pay extra money just to play the army you'd like.
We're going to go all out instead.

If you are curious about the system, you can read this mechanics demo by the co-author of Trench Hammer

And if you want to go throw down some money for something that'll make you happy, you can do so right here: