Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Squad Hammer and licensing

So one of the offers I made was that if we hit 500 dollars of sales for the Pay What You Want edition of Squad Hammer, I'll make an open gaming license available.

We're about a third of the way there.
Statistically, it looks like a little bit over a third of people paid and a bit under two thirds got it for free.

I had absolutely zero expectations on what that ratio would look like, but that looks about fair to me.
I have no idea if anyone went back to pay after downloading it for free or if people even know you can do that.

So what would an open license look like?

It would cover most or all of what is in the Core booklet, making it available for use to build your own spin-off games with, with a few basic requirements (no Nazi Porno games or whatever).
The idea would be that if you want to publish a scenario or your own little game, you could use any of that frame-work and a "Powered by Squad Hammer" note on the front cover, to help both of us get more eyes (and sales).

I have big plans for Squad Hammer as a system and enabling third party work would be a huge step forward for the system and creating an eco-system of sorts.

There's three more steps to the plan for Hammer-based world domination, but I'll talk about those when we are ready.

In the meantime, if you are excited about this:

* Leave a rating or review on Wargame Vault. Don't fluff it up, be honest and genuine.

* Talk to your friends. Recommend Squad Hammer on forums.

* If you got it for free and love it, please consider going back and throwing in a few bucks.

* If you have suggestions for rules, ideas, things that could be clarified etc., get in touch.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

So what mechanics changed?

Squad Hammer Core represents sort of a middle ground between the original Squad Hammer and some of the innovations that will show up in Hammer of Democracy.

It will also form the foundation for future work, as we move towards more of a "building blocks" approach.

Here's a few of the mechanical changes in a bit more detail:

* The Withdraw Order is now Defend.
This offers a point of automatic "healing", a penalty on incoming shots and lets you move away from the enemy, making for a very handy defensive option that I think will be a lot more attractive.

The defensive status carries over until the unit moves or is activated again, allowing you to "huddle for cover".

* Regrouping now heals 2 points of damage automatically instead of the sequential roll system of the original.

* We've added a "Carry Out" order which serves as a catch-all for almost any non-combat activity.
If you need to dismount some cavalry, embark on a transport vehicle or set up a radio transmitter, this is it.

* Moving in terrain is simpler and easier to adjudicate now.

* A short, concise list of hit modifiers is offered up, so shooting is more "out of the box" than before.
If you want to play without making up your own modifiers, that's easier than before.

* Close combat is now an opposed roll, with the loser suffering the difference in damage points.
This is a lot more exciting and feels more "impactful" than before and feedback has been very positive.

There's a lot of other little tweaks but those should summarize the primary factors.

Let me know how you get on with it.

Friday, 11 January 2019

We are proud to release Squad Hammer Core.

What is that, you ask? It's a mean, lean, core rules only version of Squad Hammer, allowing you to play everything from WW2 skirmishes to far future space fantasy.

Focusing on the fundamentals of miniatures combat, Core offers the fast-moving Order and combat systems of Squad Hammer and a handful of story-seeds and pre-built units to get you started.

Perfectly suited for players who enjoy a simple beer&pretzels friendly game, who enjoy creating their own rules around a solid foundation or who want to dip their toes into a more narrative and "open" sort of gaming.

This isn't just the same old Squad Hammer rules though. We didn't just rip out a third of the book.

Every rule has been revisited, polished up and improved letting the game shine more than ever before, incorporating ideas and experience from the upcoming Hammer of Democracy.

On top of that, we've included some absolutely gorgeous gaming table photos to get you inspired, as well as illustrations of some of the quirkier concepts.

Best of all?

It's Pay What You Want. Grab it for free or pay what you feel it's worth. Come back afterwards and pay more if you change your mind.

Whether you want a game you can tinker with, a quick-and-easy side-game for those nights or you want to ease in before upgrading to the full Squad Hammer rules, this is for you.

On top of that, we're preparing a "Toolkit" which will contain more options, ideas and mechanics than you can count (well, okay, some of you guys are pretty smart, so maybe you can count that far).

* * * * *

As a special promotion, I am offering a deal:

If sales for this version reaches 500 dollars, I will make a plain-text version available under an Open Gaming license, allowing spin-offs and fan-works.

If sales reach 1000 dollars, the Toolkit will also be Pay What You Want.


Go git it.


Thursday, 3 January 2019

Surviving into the new year

Well, a stomach virus sent me to the hospital for a trip, so I've been a bit under the weather going into January.

We are back in action though and if all goes well, this month will be the release of Hammer of Democracy.
If it ends up looking like we can't hit that, I'll do another update to the alpha version to tide people over into February.

Response to the Winter Offensive sale was strong, so look forward to a freebie gift from me in return. That may take a couple of days though, especially as I have to take it easy a bit this week.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Five Parsecs character creation. What's this now?

Rolling up a new Five Parsecs character and....what is this?
This looks different from what's in the rulebook. I wonder what could be brewing?

Step 1: Species

Zresnin, a species of living crystal.
This gives us starting stats of Reactions 1, Combat 0, Move 4, Toughness 4, Charm 0, Tech 0.

Additionally, all beam weapons reduce their Damage by 1 against him/her/it, which might be rather handy.
(I have no idea how to tell the gender of a living rock, so we'll say "he" for convenience, but it could just as well be a lady-rock or a non-binary chunk of crystal).

Step 2: Class

The character is a Professional, which gives us +1 to Tech and the squad begins the game with a Corporate Contact.

Step 3: Goal

The character wants to Escape. If we manage to visit 10 different worlds while this guy is in the squad, he'll achieve the goal.

Step 4: Special roles

I figure this guy isn't really leader material, but he'll be one of the Special characters permitted to the squad, so we can raise one of the stats by 1.
We'll up Charm as well, making this guy well fitted for random tasks we come across.
He's not especially battle hardened, but with his natural resilience to lasers, we should be alright.

Step 5: Characteristic

This is completely optional and is just for roleplaying but we roll anyways and gets...Drinks a lot.
What does a chunk of animated rock drink? Why ? Does it affect him at all?

I suppose he must like the taste, so maybe he drinks liquid hydrogen or something. I don't know.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Renegade Scout source book 2 - Light vehicles!

After much wait, you can now speed on to the battlefields of the retro-future on anything from motor cycles to speeder bikes to military trikes to...is that a futuristic bren carrier?

Renegade Scout sourcebook 2 offers everything you need to field light vehicle units:

Rules (covering everything from evading fire to crashing), new skills, upgrades, command decisions and ways to deploy your vehicles.

Send your speeder bikes forward to snipe at enemy vehicles or scout their army, or keep the gun trikes back in support so you can commit them when most needed.

The supplement is available here


Don't forget we have other Renegade Scout supporting material available.

Sourcebook 1 greatly expands the use of characters and personalities in your battles


While the Scouts Report offers a grab-bag of new tools, a new playable species and more.


And of course, if you are still holding out, Renegade Scout is waiting for you offering one of the most complete scifi experiences you will have on the table top.

From the Barrel Drill review: "Renegade Scout is a good product that demonstrates how to make a retroclone right."